Bobired [en]

We are a local distributor of such manufacturers as Henkel, P&G, Marion, Dermomed and others.

The activity of our company dates back to 1996, when it was founded Firma Handlowa BOBI-RED civil law partnership with its registered office in Lublin, which distributed products in the province of Lublin.

Change to a limited liability company took place in 2014 and is still the case today.

We deliver products with our cars in the province. Lublin to several hundred traditional shops.


We offer wholesale of fast-moving products from the cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene products department.



Our offer is addressed to domestic and foreign contractors. Taking care of the good of our customers, we provide price lists only to verified companies. We have many years of experience in exporting and importing goods.



We are able to deliver your order to a specific region of Poland within
24 or 48 hours via courier companies, with the possibility of tracking
the shipment.

Our offer:

Our offer: